Start Your Own Adventure - Introducing Kluani

We started Kluani to provide a starting point for wannabe mountaineers and climbers. For people who are interested in getting out into the wild but don't know where to start.

What's our scope? We plan on producing content around what good climbing looks like. That means sharing some gnarly trip reports, giving reviews of the latest misery slippers (snowshoes for the uninitiated) and generally sharing some rad #peakbagging with all of y'all. We have gear on our site (for good prices) but we leave the mission-critical stuff to the experts - we don't sell rope, carabiners, cams, or otherwise because it's best you get the primo geat there.

It's important to note that mountaineering or climbing can't be learned just by reading online. We hope to just be a source of information and a compliment to mentors you find who can provide you with real-world experience. Stay rad.